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Welcome to the Egyptian-British Chamber of Commerce


The Egyptian British Chamber of Commerce is a private non-governmental business organisation. Its mission is to mobilise the efforts of British and Egyptian enterprises to strengthen the economic and commercial ties between the United Kingdom and the Arab Republic of Egypt, and thereby increase the mutual flows of trade and investment... [more]

Top 10 business questions

  1. What documents do I need to start exporting to Egypt?
    For information on export documentation, please visit our International Trade page.
  2. I want to start a new business in Egypt/the UK, where do I go for help?
    The EBCC has a network of legal, financial and marketing experts to help you with your start-up. Whether you wish to set up a new company, a branch or franchise business please contact us directly to set up a meeting and arrange for your consultation.
  3. Where can I get advice on tax issues, import and export duties?
    Please visit our Business Information page and download the latest tax guides for Egypt and the UK. If you wish to know more about customs tariffs for the UK, please visit the GOV website here. Customs tariffs for Egypt can be downloaded here.
  4. What laws and regulations should I be aware of to start my business in Egypt?
    If you wish to set up a business in Egypt, you need to be aware of Investment Law No. 8, Law no. 159 and its amendments. You can find all business, trade and financial laws on our Business Information page. 
  5. Where can I go when I need my business documents translated into English or Arabic?
    The Chamber offers certified translations English/Arabic and Arabic/English of all business and trade documents, as well as any other legal documents and creative content. Please visit our Translation Services page for more information.
  6. Where can I find out about opportunities for trade and investment in Egypt?
    Trade and investment opportunities in Egypt are published via Egypt’s Ministry of Investment ( and the PPP unit of the Ministry of Finance ( The Chamber collects all opportunities and publishes them in our free fortnightly e-newsletter. Subscribe here if you wish to receive our newsletters.
  7. Where can I find a partner or agent for my business?
    If you require a partner or agent for your business, please make an appointment with the Chamber directly so we can assess your project and find you a suitable counterpart. Visit our Contact Us page to schedule a meeting.
  8. How can I engage with Chamber members?
    The best way to get connected with other members of our Chamber is by joining our organisation and attending our regular events. For more information on membership benefits, visit our Membership page. To view our forthcoming networking events, visit our Events page.
  9. Who can provide me with market information on Egypt and the UK?
    For specific market information please contact our Chamber directly. The Chamber works with a team of experts that can provide you with any required market information for your business.
  10. I need to travel to Egypt/the UK, who can arrange travel and accommodation for my business visit?
    The Chamber offers access to corporate travel and accommodation rates for all our members. We are also able to arrange for drivers, meeting space, etc. For more information, contact our team directly.